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Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Brush - Ultra Violet

Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Brush - Ultra Violet

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The Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Brush in Ultra Violet presents a colourful twist on a much-loved detangling haircare product.

The large brush is ideal for using on both wet and dry hair and is capable of taming even the longest and thickest locks. Engineered to carefully detangle knots, the brush boasts an innovative design that allows for pain-free styling. The incredibly strong nylon bristles glide through your strands, helping you to avoid any catching or dragging for a smooth brushing experience. What’s more, the brush’s air-cushioned pad is highly responsive, meaning it works with the unique contours of your scalp to avoid causing excess irritation. Even the handle is ergonomically shaped for greater comfort, no matter the size of your hands.

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