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Skinade INsupport™

Skinade INsupport™

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Skinade INsupport™ has been specifically designed to enhance and support professional treatments.

The ingredients


In liposomal form and sourced from Sophora Japonica. When combined with bromelain creates a zinc ionophore. This is integral to supporting the zinc dependent botulinum toxin pathway for optimum results. Other benefits: inhibits histamine release; prevents fibrosis; anti-inflammatory and improves integrity of microcirculation.


Bromelain and quercetin are synergistic, and should be taken in conjunction to increase absorption. Bromelain reduces oedema, bruising, discomfort and healing time. When combined with quercetin creates a zinc ionophore. This is integral to supporting the zinc dependent botulinum toxin pathway for optimum results.

Vitamin C

As highly bioavailable calcium ascorbate. Vitamin C is a common ingredient of hyaluronic acid fillers. Calcium ascorbate not only improves collagen synthesis, but also stabilises hyaluronic acid polymers by inhibiting hyaluronidase. Anti-oxidant significantly reduces ROS (reactive oxygen species) production.

Vitamin K1

Targets normal coagulation and helps to reduce bruising.

Bilberry extract

Contains anthocyanosides; these are potent antioxidants that may help reduce bruising by stabilising collagen, increasing intracellular vitamin C levels and strengthening capillaries.


In the form of calcerous marine algae (Lithothamnion sp.). Supports calcium dependent active ingredients such as glucosamine.


Reduces inflammation and can help alleviate swelling due to inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM have great potential in supporting general skin health by reduction of damage through inflammatory cascades. Since MSM can inhibit NF-κB transcriptional activity, it reduces the expression of enzymes and cytokines involved in ROS (reactive oxygen species) production. MSM is integral for collagen formation. Detoxifies the body by increasing cell permeability, which allows the toxins and metabolic waste to be easily removed and allows nutrients and water to enter the cells.

Collagen Peptides

Our best in class collagen peptides are clinically proven to trigger natural elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen production. This mechanism is integral to supporting in-clinic injectable treatments.

L Lysine

Essential for collagen synthesis and formation.

L Proline

Key amino acid for elastin production during collagen synthesis. hydroxyproline, which is critical for collagen stability, is synthesized by modifying the amino acid proline after the collagen chain has been built. The reaction requires vitamin C.

Apis mellifica

Reduces burning, itching and redness.

Arnica montana

Targets bruising and swelling.

Arsenicum album

Reduces swelling, inflammation, sensitivity.

Bryonia alba

Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Echinacea angu.

Reduces itching and redness.

Hepar Sulph.

Reduces swelling, inflammation, itching, pain.

Ledum palustre

Targets healing after injections.

Rhust tox

Reduces inflammation and pain.


Reduces inflammation.

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